Remote sensing and GIS

In the field of remote sensing, we work on methods of image and non-image data processing, from all levels and all spectral ranges (including hiperspectral), for the purposes of environmental research and monitoring.

We deal with initial correction of images (removal of disturbing effects of the atmosphere and terrain morphology) and methods of automatic extraction of image content, including image classification methods and the use of machine learning in remote sensing. In particular, we process remote sensing images to create Land Cover Land Cover (LULC) and analyzes of LULC changes, monitoring of crops for direct payments in agriculture, impervious areas delineation, monitoring of water reservoirs, soil mositure detection, analysis of slope stability in open-pit mines, monitoring of post-mining area reclamation.

In the field of Geographical Information Science, we deal with the use of GIS (Geographical Information System) tools to support decisions. We conduct research in the field of testing algorithms of multi-criteria analysis, risk analysis, erosion modeling, data integration for  population density analyzes.

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