Reasearch area

  1. Examination of image and non-image data processing methods from all ceilings and all spectral ranges (including hyperspectral, thermal and radar) for the purposes of environmental testing and monitoring, for example: initial correction of images (removal of disturbing effects of the atmosphere, landform), methods automatic extraction of image content, including image classification methods using machine learning; remote sensing image processing to create Land Use Land Cover (LULC) and analyzes of LULC changes, monitoring of crops for the needs of direct agricultural subsidies system, determination of impermeable surfaces, monitoring of water reservoirs, determination of soil moisture, analysis of slope stability in opencast mines, monitoring the progress of post-mining land reclamation.

  2. Use of GIS (Geographical Information System) tools to support decisions; for example: testing of multi-criteria analysis algorithms, risk analysis, erosion modeling, data integration for the purposes of population density analysis, modeling of objects and phenomena on the surface of the earth; analysis of GIS data quality and reliability of modeling in GIS

Hard competences:

  1. Performing geodetic measurements: total station, leveling, GPS RTN
  2. Low-level raids using multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal cameras
  3. Validation of GPS devices and orthoimages for control in the IACS agricultural subsidy system, EU JRC certification
  4. Ground-based spectrometric measurements (we have a spectrometer working at TIR, VNIR spectrometer, SWIR we borrow)
  5. Laser scanning, data acquisition and processing
  6. Performing orthophotomaps and NMT from all ceilings, from photos and laser scanning
  7. Automation of measurement processes on images (e.g. cavitation, matching)
  8. Analysis of the quality of spatial data, analysis of risk based decision making and spatial analysis
  9. Image classification, including using machine learning
  10. Processing of multispectral images (geometric corrections, radiometric, classifications)
  11. Processing of hyperspectral images
  12. Knowledge of commercial software: ArcGIS (extensions: Spatial, Network, GityEngine ....), Geomedia, Idrisi, ENVI, PCI Geomatics, Agisoft, Socketset, Mirostation
  13. Knowledge of open-source software: QGIS, SAGA, SNAP, ILWIS ...
  14. Databases: Postgres, PostGIS
  15. Programming, script creation: C ++, HTML, Python, R, Matlab, Octave ...
  16. Programming of GIS, tele applications, eg ArcGIS, QGIS