Application of the “traffic lights” idea in crops control in Integrated Administration Control System

About the project

This project presents an idea of marking agricultural parcels to help control direct payments for farmers. “Traffic lights” are applied on the example of rapeseed classification in the Brzeżno commune area. Based on Sentinel-2 images rape crops were separated from the others. The result is presented on the map.

Each parcel has a set of attributes: area in square meters, real crop type, NDVI values for ten dates and rapeseed index. NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is an indicator which can be used to assess whether a particular area contains live green vegetation. NDVI values tend to vary depending on crop types, so most of them can be distinguished. For rape: if the index is higher than 0.3, the parcel is classified as rape.

Green parcels (TP - True Positive) mean that they were classified as rapeseed and it is correct. Red ones (FP - False Positive) are those which in fact contain rape crops but were not classified as rape because the index was too low. Blue ones (FN - False Negative) mean that different crop types were classified as rape crops. Green checkered parcels (TN - True Negative) represent other parcels which were considered during classification and were correctly not classified as rape. Other agricultural parcels (crops) in this region are not filled with any color.

Vector data containing information about the declaration has been kindly provided by Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMA)