New field of study at the master's degree level

Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics

recruitment for 2024-25 is available

from 3 June till 15 July (1st cycle)

from 25 July till 9 September (2nd cycle)

Online entrance examination 19 July and 13 September



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Master program Remote Sensing and Geo-Informatics designed for both engineering and bachelor's degree graduates. Unique teaching method characterized by large blocks, without dividing them into small individual subjects. Only approximately 5 weeks live classes at the university. Mainly workshops and group work. Traditional lectures, as a conventional form of education, are limited to a minimum.

As part of the curriculum, students also have the opportunity to gain practical experience through participation in research projects, internships in companies and institutions related to remote sensing and geoinformatics, as well as participation in workshops and industry conferences. This prepares them well for entering the job market and enables them to pursue employment in diverse sectors such as spatial planning, environmental protection, agriculture, energy, transportation, and scientific research. 

Are you interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of Geo-Informatics with a focus on Remote Sensing? Wondering what a master's program can offer to prepare you for a career in this rapidly evolving field?


Recruitment June- September, 4 semesters, start 1 October 2024, 1600 EURO/semester

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